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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy land

Happy land is a selection of toys for early learning centre but to me it's what it means to have the family and friends I have in my life and what they mean to me! I went to Bed last night thinking the only thing I wished for in the morning is all in my life at the moment! And guess what I woke up and that's what I got! I guess thats 'happyland'!im not looking for someone or something to make things 'right'.. Its great!

This was the wee face we woke up to. I know she's a wee miracle. I will always cherish and remember how she was so wanted. and to put it as she does-- she's a 'wee dote'!! ( yes that's what she says)!

I hope u all had a special day

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Hand made pressies

This year I've cut back on all the shopping for Christmas and instead I've been making things for people! I've rustled up some chilli jam and lemon curd to be presented in mini hampers! Don't u think they look like wee shepherds about to go to a nativity!!

I've also made wee brooches.. Learned at one of
classes of course...!!
I also made a wee iPad mini case for my mum which she has already And she loves!!

These are for the teachers at my wee girls nursery so I hope they like them!

I hope you all are preparing for Christmas in your own way.. But most of all I hope you have a very peaceful and happy Christmas spending time with people you love! X

Sarah's sash!

It's been a while since I've been blogging due to work and and family commitments but I'm back.. For a while at least.. More on that in coming blogs.. In the meantime why not head over to sew me.. A follow friend and blogger of all things sewing.. But she's a pro!! Sarah is giving away liberty fabrics to celebrate her 2 year blogaversary! Why not pop over and check put her fab blog and give yourself a chance to win!

Chat soon
Fi x

Friday, 16 November 2012

I'm loving it!!

Had a few hours over last few days to sew! Was at Judith's class last night and finished the "love" cushion which is on our bed now - after gifting it to my lovely husband! I ran up another one for my side.. I think it needs some wee buttons to finish it off though

The frame is mitred corners which was a nice new thing to learn, I used a deep pink velvet for the frame and backing which matches our curtains and roman blind..

I now Need to get a few more hours like this in next few weeks to make some pressies for new babies and for Christmas! The list is never ending!!

Bye for now
Fi x

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Fighting fit

Ok after 2 weeks of flu i'm back and fighting fit! I could hardly lift my head off my pillow and missed 2sewing classes! Today is the first day I feel back to normal and im chilling out!

A few days ago I Made a Christmas Stocking for Lucy that I'm delighted with! I also had to make a baby present Taggy for a boy.. I just live the dinosaurs!!

My wee rascal dressed up as a princess for Halloween and I just can't believe at 19 months she's not a baby anymore!

We're trying to organise a party for my mum for her 60th.. With 2 sisters living in Scotland I'm beginning to stess that it's gonna be me doing it all on my own so that's where the fighting comes in!! Never a dull moment in families!!
Now with today off (well kinda.. A course to go to this evenin) Lucy in bed in gonna read my new book and put my feet up!! I read the first in the series of this and loved it.. Lots of easy recipes to use for a dull day off!

By for now x

Friday, 19 October 2012

Building blocks

This is septembers block for Judith .. It's running a bit late but done!! It was really fun to make and think judith liked it! The fabric scraps I had to work with were great and ESP love the wee birdies!!

Oct block coming soon

Fi x

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The search is complete

For 5 years I have been searching antiques markets, charity shops, high street stores (less so) for a old oak farmhouse table for my kitchen.. I wanted a table that could be abused by family life and got better with age (just like me ;) ) I found it and it is proudly in our kitchen.. A fraction of the price of a new shiny table that I wouldn't have wanted.. I got it on gumtree and the person that had bought it had used it for several years and got it in a local auction house.

I have had problems logging onto blogger and was on hols last week so didn't get to reply to last blog posts but I will

Hopefully will get some more free time soon to get back doing some more sewing but for now ... 'the great British bake off'... Scones anyone?? ... Xx

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sew tired!

Ok so not much sewing going on . I've had my op in August and got plenty done with my time off but now I'm back to the grindstone and working away.. My hubby was in hospital for a week.. ( all better now), and in last 3 weeks my granda was dying in hospice so in between work, dinners, being wife and mum
I've been heading 50miles down the road to newry to spend time with my dad while he waits for granda.. He passed today and it is a great relief as he was so unwell.

I will be getting back to things after a very welcome break in Donegal this week!!

Chat soon xx

Saturday, 15 September 2012

In the frame

Ok a year ago I did nothing.. I sat on my backside on the sofa moaning about being bored with everything , my life, job and house!! How silly was I??.. A year on and I hardly recognise myself.. I am never bored and I rarely sit on the afformentioned (is that a word??) backside and sofa!! My confidence had grown as well.. I no longer question (ok less than before!) things or worry what people think!! And guess what I feel better for it!! I love expressing myself creatively! I think my family and husband recognise it too!

I've now decided I'm going to get some of my wee pics made into prints and wee cards and get then framed!! I would love to sell some stuff and go from there! I know my blog is about sewing but I love drawing too!!

And these are a few cupcakes to brighten a dull autumn day!! I must make some more!

Thanks for listening!

Fi x

Friday, 14 September 2012

Art group

I go to an art group once a month called temple art group.. The people there are so talented and I join In and have a go.. This is my effort this evening! Check out their website .. Temple art group ... Pics all for sale and can buy cards with prints on too.. I haven't got anything on yet but thinking I might add a few wee things...

Bye for now!

Fi x

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mojo found!!

Well poor renee eventually got her block for hipbees! I've been making wee pouches and instead of giving them as presents ive been keeping them.. I made them at Judith's classes using her pattern.. Available on etsy at just Jude designs!

I've got round to making my sister in law one this evening.. .. And guess what.. I would love this one too !!

Next on my list to do is Judith's braid block for hipbees, then christmas stocking for Lucy, another baby quilt.

Aside from sewing i am going to make chilli jam and lemon curd for Christmas gifts and of course I need to stock up for the Christmas cake !! I don't like Christmas cake but I adore the smell in the house when it's cooking and I have a wee notion the stirring it is lucky so I keep making them!

It's getting dark and cold in Belfast at the mo but I'm loving flaking out in the evening and getting out winter clothes!! It's so cute seeing my little one in hats and scarfs too!

Oh and a friend was on hols and seen this cath kidston wagon and said it reminded her of me.. I must exude some sort of cath kidston look or something.. I hope that's a compliment!

Bye for now (sooner than previous posts)

Fi x

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Missing... Lost mojo!!lol

Ive been neglecting my sewing and blogging in past few weeks!! No reason why apart from have been clearing out the house of junk and spending time with Lucy and hubby! I'm hoping my mojo for sewing/ blogging returns when I go back to work next week..!!

I have made a few wee taggys, made lemon curd (yum), dinner every evening ( no takeaway!) and managed to get back on my bike after 10yrs!!

Does anyone else feel that their passion for creativity waxes and wanes? What do u do if that happens??

Is there anyone out there still following me even though I haven't been here?? I hope so!

Bye for now and will have a creation by the end of the week as Judith's classes start again!

Btw the pic is of Lucy and her new Minnie dressing gown which she won't take off!
Fi x

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Seeing stars!

I've been working on this quilt since last week and just having binding to put on and - gasp - I'm gonna have to Machine sew it on! It's for a baby girl of a childhood friend who now lives in Spain! I hope she knows how much love and best wishes are sewn into this! I can't wait pass it over now! We're meeting them today and I haven't seen her or her family in 2 years!

Also helped my bro in laws girlfriend make a card for her friend last night! Love the way it turned out.. Will b making more of these in the future!! Xx

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Banana pizza etc....!!

Ok so I haven't blogged in a while but I've so much to say! I've finished my curtains - started a baby wonky star quilt, made another rainy day bag for my mum, started a log cabin something (I don't know what yet) and Made pizza dough!!

The pizza dough is amazing and makes the best pizzas ever and makes a great night putting on toppings and cooking instead of takeaway!!

12oz strong white bread flour, 1tsp salt, 2 tsp sugar, 2oz butter, 1* 7g fast acting yeast, 2 tbsp olive oil, 175-200ml warm water.. Place dry ingredient into mixer, add butter, mix until resembles breadcrumbs.. Add oil and most of water until forms a dough. Leave for 5 mins then knead either by hand 10mins or in mixer 5 mins and then leave 5 mins.. Cut into 6 equal dough balls and either use now or freeze! Preheat oven to 220c and put in pizza stone or baking tray upside down! Roll out circle from dough and place on hot baking tray and put on toppings. My fav is hot salsa, chicken, banana, sweetcorn and grated mozzarella .. Give it a try and let me know how u get on!!

I will b posting tomorrow about the amazing present I received from Sarah at sewme.blogspot she is so amazingly talented and generous!!

Bye for now

Fi xx

Friday, 10 August 2012

My first improv block.. Wonky house

This is my block for renee the queen bee for this month.. We were sent lovely summersville fabric and this is what I came up with .. X

Thursday, 9 August 2012


This is Peggy.. Her job is to look after all the pegs when they're not holding clothes on the line! She's made out of Lucy's old dress and an old hanger!! Simple and practical!! X

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Stone less

After surgery to remove my gallstones I'm lying up in hospital giving orders!! In glad it's been removed as it was causing pains in my tummy when I eat any fatty food but also the time off after will give me an opportunity to do some stitching .. So watch this space!! Xx fi

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Uh oh I'm in trouble!!!

I have been nipping here and there past every fabric shop remnant sale over the last few weeks and have bought a few fabrics.. a few green silks (yes I def need a few) a horrid corduroy that I will find a use for!! But t I went all out and bought 4 meters of each orange silk, green silk and multicoloured designer fabric (harlequin)..Will it was a bargain and I was destined for my hall and it would have been rude not to.. So I set about making 2 roman blinds and constructing my first curtain for a 3.5metre tall window.. Oh yes ... !! I also purchased a Parker knoll 1960's teak armchair in a charity shop and I'm gonna do it up!! That'll b my hall finished!! Heres a snippet of the roman blind! The curtain just needs sewn up! Night all x

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Rainy day bag

This is my rainy day bag.. Made at Judith's saturday workshop yesterday!! Do u think I'll get any rainy days to use it?? The lining and base are waterproof and so are the handles!! Think I feel another adjustment to the pattern Ang make a nappy bag but might b a bit adventurous!! Oh well we all need a wee project to keep our mind ticking over! X

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


This is another wee sketch.. Was out power hosing the drive And sat Down to watch tv for half an hour and this is what came of it.. A stargazer lily.. Next project is a quilt based on fields pic by David Hockney.. It'll probably take a while but going to give it a whirl!!

Doing a class at Judith's (just jude blog) on sat and looking forward to it fi x

Friday, 20 July 2012

Temple Art group

Was at my art group this evening which is a collection of artists from county down and people that dabble abit!!.. Like myself.. This is what I did this evening.. An iris.. I love the colours in it but think it may need some stronger colours overlaid.. Right now time for bed as work in the morning!! Fi x

Friday, 13 July 2012

I've finally found "the one"

After many years of looking for "the one" I have finally found him! He's so well groomed and well formed I can hardly believe I've lived without him for so long! I didn't even think that I was in need of him until my other "the one" was misbehaved left things on the counter and I was forced into a situation of searching for him!! Here is... Wesco.. My single bread box.. (just big enough for a loaf and pancakes) He goes perfectly with my kitchen not taking up too much room on the counter either. It's Just like I've been waiting for him to arrive.. My life is complete!!

On another note have been having trouble making fairy cakes.. They always peaked in the middle and were overcooked on the outside and still gloppy In middle (yuck).. So I turned the fan off on my fan oven, followed instructions for conventional oven and they've turned out perfect!! (just in case anyone else is having the same problem)!

Chat soon
Fi x

Monday, 9 July 2012

Sisterly love....!!

My wee sister sent this to me because it reminded her of me.. I don't know whether to laugh or be offended!! Te he he! It's quite funny though.. Given im only 33 and don't wear black ever!-- maybe its me in the future!!
But kirsty allsops money would be nice too!
Bye for now


Sunday, 8 July 2012

First block!

I attempted a block for bee blessed and I'm impressed with myself!! Here it is..!! Its Called and an antique tile block...

Bye for now

Fi x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I haven't been about in a while as i was on holidays in cork for a week which was brilliant.. Very chilled out.. ! No we didn't get 'the weather' but we did get chill out time and glasses of wine and plenty of laughs with my gorgeous husband and my wee monkey that's now walking.... I got some embroidery done copying the pattern on Lucy's gro bag... And I also got caught up in the fifty shades books.. Onto third now and sewing will start at the weekend.. I promise!!!

I've also become part of a bee... I've never done anything like this before but I'm going to give it a whirl!! I just hope I can meet all the deadlines and don't let the "hipbees" down!! Looking forward to getting to know the 11 others!

Back soon


Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Size matters?????

I thought I would tidy my fabrics this evening... (Not because I have nothing else to b doing but because I have lots of things to do but don't want to do them.. Ironing, dishes, paperwork etc)...You get my drift! This is my stash! It's tiny compared to some I've seen but I love all the colours and textures of all these.. (Even the ugly orange one I felt sorry for)! The photo doesnt make it look like very much but.. Size isnt everything it??!!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Lost Taggy =non sleeping baby= make new one

I made a wee Taggy blanket for my friends baby and she loves it,but lost it on holidays, and she is now lost without it!! It's so lovely to know that something I've made can provide comfort for someone!! I love making them too! this evening I made another up.. And my husband provided dessert to have with my tea after... Yum!! X