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Friday, 13 July 2012

I've finally found "the one"

After many years of looking for "the one" I have finally found him! He's so well groomed and well formed I can hardly believe I've lived without him for so long! I didn't even think that I was in need of him until my other "the one" was misbehaved left things on the counter and I was forced into a situation of searching for him!! Here is... Wesco.. My single bread box.. (just big enough for a loaf and pancakes) He goes perfectly with my kitchen not taking up too much room on the counter either. It's Just like I've been waiting for him to arrive.. My life is complete!!

On another note have been having trouble making fairy cakes.. They always peaked in the middle and were overcooked on the outside and still gloppy In middle (yuck).. So I turned the fan off on my fan oven, followed instructions for conventional oven and they've turned out perfect!! (just in case anyone else is having the same problem)!

Chat soon
Fi x


  1. Mmm. Very chic. Btw could you fill in the hipBee data sheet pretty please! Di x

  2. oh this is very snazzy! like it! I got a fab recipe for fairy cakes which I mix in my very old kenwood and they turn out perfect every time and I cannot bake! if you want the recipe I can certainly email you! glad you had success though! x