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Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I haven't been about in a while as i was on holidays in cork for a week which was brilliant.. Very chilled out.. ! No we didn't get 'the weather' but we did get chill out time and glasses of wine and plenty of laughs with my gorgeous husband and my wee monkey that's now walking.... I got some embroidery done copying the pattern on Lucy's gro bag... And I also got caught up in the fifty shades books.. Onto third now and sewing will start at the weekend.. I promise!!!

I've also become part of a bee... I've never done anything like this before but I'm going to give it a whirl!! I just hope I can meet all the deadlines and don't let the "hipbees" down!! Looking forward to getting to know the 11 others!

Back soon



  1. Looks like a chilled holiday. No, you won't let the hipBees down as we want you in our gang. Di x

  2. Glad you have a nice break. I think the hipBee's are a laid back bunch so I'm sure nobody will feel let down by anything ;-)

  3. Cute birdies! And me and Sarah can keep you right if you get stuck with hipbees! Jxo

  4. love your embroidery! cute wee monkey you have I have two urchins and we are just back from St Anne's v tired but relaxed. This is my first bee too so we are in the same boat! xxxx