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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hanging in there!

Last few months have been very difficult. We had problems with finances that had lead me to be working around the clock but this has hopefully been settled! Then 3.5 weeks ago my wonderful husband was admitted to hospital.. He has been discharged twice and Is now back in again getting a cocktail of intravenous antibiotics to try and settle whatever is going on. I am trying to stay string but find myself blubbering at the drop of a hat as I am so frightened about what could happen. I know I shouldn't b thinking lie this but the fear overcomes me. A good cry helps. Sorry for the rant but thought I should explain my cyber absence!

I have actually been sewing , painting and have aquired an allotment

I have kept up to date with bee blocks

As you can see the allotment needs some tending to but when hubby gets home we can do it together! I'm thinking of painting the shed blue! Like a beachhut!

Bye for now.. Will check in soon