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Saturday, 15 September 2012

In the frame

Ok a year ago I did nothing.. I sat on my backside on the sofa moaning about being bored with everything , my life, job and house!! How silly was I??.. A year on and I hardly recognise myself.. I am never bored and I rarely sit on the afformentioned (is that a word??) backside and sofa!! My confidence had grown as well.. I no longer question (ok less than before!) things or worry what people think!! And guess what I feel better for it!! I love expressing myself creatively! I think my family and husband recognise it too!

I've now decided I'm going to get some of my wee pics made into prints and wee cards and get then framed!! I would love to sell some stuff and go from there! I know my blog is about sewing but I love drawing too!!

And these are a few cupcakes to brighten a dull autumn day!! I must make some more!

Thanks for listening!

Fi x

Friday, 14 September 2012

Art group

I go to an art group once a month called temple art group.. The people there are so talented and I join In and have a go.. This is my effort this evening! Check out their website .. Temple art group ... Pics all for sale and can buy cards with prints on too.. I haven't got anything on yet but thinking I might add a few wee things...

Bye for now!

Fi x

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mojo found!!

Well poor renee eventually got her block for hipbees! I've been making wee pouches and instead of giving them as presents ive been keeping them.. I made them at Judith's classes using her pattern.. Available on etsy at just Jude designs!

I've got round to making my sister in law one this evening.. .. And guess what.. I would love this one too !!

Next on my list to do is Judith's braid block for hipbees, then christmas stocking for Lucy, another baby quilt.

Aside from sewing i am going to make chilli jam and lemon curd for Christmas gifts and of course I need to stock up for the Christmas cake !! I don't like Christmas cake but I adore the smell in the house when it's cooking and I have a wee notion the stirring it is lucky so I keep making them!

It's getting dark and cold in Belfast at the mo but I'm loving flaking out in the evening and getting out winter clothes!! It's so cute seeing my little one in hats and scarfs too!

Oh and a friend was on hols and seen this cath kidston wagon and said it reminded her of me.. I must exude some sort of cath kidston look or something.. I hope that's a compliment!

Bye for now (sooner than previous posts)

Fi x

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Missing... Lost mojo!!lol

Ive been neglecting my sewing and blogging in past few weeks!! No reason why apart from have been clearing out the house of junk and spending time with Lucy and hubby! I'm hoping my mojo for sewing/ blogging returns when I go back to work next week..!!

I have made a few wee taggys, made lemon curd (yum), dinner every evening ( no takeaway!) and managed to get back on my bike after 10yrs!!

Does anyone else feel that their passion for creativity waxes and wanes? What do u do if that happens??

Is there anyone out there still following me even though I haven't been here?? I hope so!

Bye for now and will have a creation by the end of the week as Judith's classes start again!

Btw the pic is of Lucy and her new Minnie dressing gown which she won't take off!
Fi x