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Thursday, 13 September 2012

Mojo found!!

Well poor renee eventually got her block for hipbees! I've been making wee pouches and instead of giving them as presents ive been keeping them.. I made them at Judith's classes using her pattern.. Available on etsy at just Jude designs!

I've got round to making my sister in law one this evening.. .. And guess what.. I would love this one too !!

Next on my list to do is Judith's braid block for hipbees, then christmas stocking for Lucy, another baby quilt.

Aside from sewing i am going to make chilli jam and lemon curd for Christmas gifts and of course I need to stock up for the Christmas cake !! I don't like Christmas cake but I adore the smell in the house when it's cooking and I have a wee notion the stirring it is lucky so I keep making them!

It's getting dark and cold in Belfast at the mo but I'm loving flaking out in the evening and getting out winter clothes!! It's so cute seeing my little one in hats and scarfs too!

Oh and a friend was on hols and seen this cath kidston wagon and said it reminded her of me.. I must exude some sort of cath kidston look or something.. I hope that's a compliment!

Bye for now (sooner than previous posts)

Fi x


  1. I have not even THOUGHT about Christmas!!

  2. Stop talking about Christmas!!! Love your zippy pouch - v.stylish! Missed you tonight!Jxo

  3. Pouch looks great - glad your mojo is back!

  4. Hooray for return of the mojo! Thanks again for my block, I love it!

  5. gorgeous pouches! so glad the old mojo has returned and chilli jam and lemon curd sounds delicious!! I would love to try making either one day! x

  6. LOve your pouch, lok forward to seeing you Thursday.