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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Missing... Lost mojo!!lol

Ive been neglecting my sewing and blogging in past few weeks!! No reason why apart from have been clearing out the house of junk and spending time with Lucy and hubby! I'm hoping my mojo for sewing/ blogging returns when I go back to work next week..!!

I have made a few wee taggys, made lemon curd (yum), dinner every evening ( no takeaway!) and managed to get back on my bike after 10yrs!!

Does anyone else feel that their passion for creativity waxes and wanes? What do u do if that happens??

Is there anyone out there still following me even though I haven't been here?? I hope so!

Bye for now and will have a creation by the end of the week as Judith's classes start again!

Btw the pic is of Lucy and her new Minnie dressing gown which she won't take off!
Fi x


  1. My mojo often waxes and wanes. I think it does you good sometimes to step away and regroup. I always come back with more ideas to try eventually :)Hope yours returns quickly :)

  2. Sometimes its best to just sit out a waning inspiration. We all need a wee break from time to time. Keep reading the blogs and looking around you and it'll bite back - probably will when you get back to classes too. Being around others who are stitching can revive a tired mojo.

  3. Yes of course we are still following you. Summer is meant for being with family etc. There will be plenty of time for sewing when class re-starts and the evenings get darker. Di x

  4. I find that my mojo often takes a hiatus - most recently when I went on holiday it stayed there when I came home. Usually my mojo doesn't go for long so I just hang it out and read blogs and look on flickr until it returns. This time seeing the Bee Blessed and HipBee's September blocks enticed it back!

  5. Yes, I find this happens to me too, and actually I think it often means we are reevaluating and devoting time else where - which may be no bad thing.... your mojo will return, just wait and see xx

  6. I wonder will she be Minnie the Minx!! Sewing urges come and go! Once you are back in a creative atmosphere I'm sure you'll feel inspired again! Jxo

  7. My creativity definitely comes and goes but sometimes it comes back at the strangest times. I can be doing something really boring when I suddenly go "ooo I want to make that" and I ll have a fully formed idea . It's normally when I'm nowhere near my crafty stuff!
    Yum to lemon curd!

  8. love the dressing gown!! I lose my mojo about once a month at least! It happens to the best of us. At the end of the day youwant to enjoy creating and for it not to be a chore. It will return I guarantee it!!! x