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Saturday, 15 September 2012

In the frame

Ok a year ago I did nothing.. I sat on my backside on the sofa moaning about being bored with everything , my life, job and house!! How silly was I??.. A year on and I hardly recognise myself.. I am never bored and I rarely sit on the afformentioned (is that a word??) backside and sofa!! My confidence had grown as well.. I no longer question (ok less than before!) things or worry what people think!! And guess what I feel better for it!! I love expressing myself creatively! I think my family and husband recognise it too!

I've now decided I'm going to get some of my wee pics made into prints and wee cards and get then framed!! I would love to sell some stuff and go from there! I know my blog is about sewing but I love drawing too!!

And these are a few cupcakes to brighten a dull autumn day!! I must make some more!

Thanks for listening!

Fi x


  1. Those cupcakes look yum. And if you want to do something - go for it. I think we regret the things we don't try not the things we do! x

  2. Good for you - I think it's good when we can look back and see the differences in ourselves..... life is for living, however we choose, but I always feel sad when I think people are not making the best chances of things that are on offer. Good for you for getting some cards made - I'm looking forward to seeing them xx

  3. Wish you lived nearer, I would pop round for a cupcake! They look delicious. You go for what you want - you won't be dissapointed

  4. What a positive, encouraging post! Keep us updated on your plans for the prints!

  5. yum!! yes being creative sure makes me happy to and def contributes to my well being I reckon! hooray for you!! xxxx

  6. Those cupcakes look delicious!In the words of S club 7 -Reach for the stars...:D