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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Busy bee

Today I eventually got round to making June's hipbees block.. And yes.. I am 2 months behind!! I've been trying to get time to sit at the machine and do these but with everything else life got in the way

Today I went to work this morning, made buns with baby bear in afternoon, made dinner, went for a cycle (I'm getting good at it-- I mean i go instead if sitting on sofa.. 4.42miles this evening) then came home and went to mr pfaff for a long awaited date!! Absence does make the Heart grow fonder and I'm gonna get to julys block tomorrow night!!

Night all

I'm tired after my busy day

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Summer lovin'

Hello all.. If theres anyone there!! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while but I have been busy getting hubby home from a 2 month stay in hospital, keeping a 2yr old busy, cycling, working in the allotment and seeing family

I have 2 bee blocks to do and need to get these done and send out fabric for my mama bee month

Bought a bike to get fit and try and incorporate a exercise routine into daily life.. I use my car for everything and im trying to cut this back.. We have lovely cycle paths in our area and alot of towpaths.. Managed to cycle 17 miles yesterday and the sun was shinning.. Bliss!!

The allotment is coming on well.. I've painted the shed and lettuce and broccoli
Is growing well! I think next yr will b better planned than this year and we'll b ready for a new growing season

Bye for now

Fi x

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Hanging in there!

Last few months have been very difficult. We had problems with finances that had lead me to be working around the clock but this has hopefully been settled! Then 3.5 weeks ago my wonderful husband was admitted to hospital.. He has been discharged twice and Is now back in again getting a cocktail of intravenous antibiotics to try and settle whatever is going on. I am trying to stay string but find myself blubbering at the drop of a hat as I am so frightened about what could happen. I know I shouldn't b thinking lie this but the fear overcomes me. A good cry helps. Sorry for the rant but thought I should explain my cyber absence!

I have actually been sewing , painting and have aquired an allotment

I have kept up to date with bee blocks

As you can see the allotment needs some tending to but when hubby gets home we can do it together! I'm thinking of painting the shed blue! Like a beachhut!

Bye for now.. Will check in soon



Friday, 12 April 2013

Painted views

Today I got out the paint brushes and paint I bought months ago and try to paint a pic of a view I seen today.. I don't think it's bad for my first attempt!!

I've duly given it to my husband as a 5th wedding anniversary present and he can decides where it can go!

Night all


Sunday, 7 April 2013

Happy camper!!

So it's been a while folks!! I have been up to
My eyes with work and in last few weeks I have started to address the old 'work life balance'! I have literally been working round the clock and only time off in past 1yr as been sick leave so I'm afraid sewing had taken a back seat.. Which I did not like but with bills to pay it had to be done! Since last week I had a 'wake up call' and I just want to work to live rather than live to work!! So hopefully will b closer to being able to do that with a few financial adjustments!

I have been busy though in my (little bit of) spare time.. I painted a gilt mirror for my WC downstairs after buying it in a charity shop for £7.. Bargain .. And I just love the way it goes so well with the wallpaper!!

Last week I also watched the great British sewing bee and I loved it! .. Having been blogging on laurens and Tilly's blogs so pop over and check them out.. Lauren has a online shop with fab stuff which I have ordered from already.. A fat quarter bundle of Amybutler gypsy caravan in pesto and a pattern for a jacket ( I may Just have taken leave of my senses-- have only ever made 'Flat' things before)!

Well today I wasn't at work and look what I made.. A 'Sunny day bag'.. My 'Rainy day bag ' worked so well at bringing rain I thought a sunny one was calling.. Let's hope the sunshine stays and I could use my bag for a trip to the beach! It's a simple tote bag using some camper van fabric and my husbands old jeans.. I had a deep pink chenille fabric in my stash for the lining! It's a great size so can be used for work and to carry the current knitting or sew on the go project and a book!

Tilly's blog - Tilly and the buttons
Lauren's blog - Guthrie and ghani

My wee princess was 2 last week and she seems to have grown up overnight.. The pic below is her marching through the shopping centre saying 'hurry up mummy'

So with all this talk of campervan and caravans I'm booking a well earning holiday!

Good night all


Friday, 29 March 2013

Oink oink!

Well I am the proud owner of a 2year old and as a consequence of this is having to make a peppa pig cake!

This is my effort and I hope it tastes ok

Hoping to chill out and get some sewing done now I have some free time over the weekend
Happy Easter


Saturday, 2 March 2013

These are a few of my favourite things..!!

Ok no craftiness today but I'm settled down in front of tv with fire on and a well deserved glass of red wine! I don't do this often as I'm usually working or doing family things but I love it! Gonna watch a girlie film (husband not impressed)!!

Hop over to Emma in "adventures of an unfit mother" blog and check out her mothers day competition! Try cutting and pasting the link below to ur header and hopefully will bring u straight to it! Her blog is fab and cheers me up when I think having one baby is hard work.. She has 5 kids!


Fi x

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lemony goodness

This is the product of a spare 15mins I had this evening! I'm back on form after Physio and think my husband reckons he has a new wife as I've walked the dog twice in 24hrs which is a difference to moaning about backpain!!

One of these lovely lemony sticky goeyness is for someone I promised a jar to at Christmas but she hasn't recieved. I made a fresh few jars so she's not saying 'phew.. I Don't fancy 2 month old produce' !

Friday afternoon is my afternoon off and will b doing di's block for hipbees! Looking forward to it as there's chocolate and a cuppa that has to b taken while I'm stitching!

Have a loaf in breadmaker now and im off to bed as have to do my Pilates before snoozing and I am gonna get up for a walk at 6.30 (I'm serious)!!!


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Stacks of cups!

Well I'm still in hospital but scans normal!

Hopefully getting out today

Have been working on some embroidery to curb the boredom! I'm hoping that there won't be stacks of dishes when I get home!!

Got this wee pic of google images and copied it best I can!

Bye for now


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Overnight stay!!

After 6 months of back pain I was admitted to hospital this afternoon! 4 hr wait, 1.5hr wait after that on pain relief and a further 3 hour wait on a bed! Now tucked up waiting for investigations tomorrow!

Pain really drains u! Makes u feel fatigued and grumpy and my poor husband has had to take the toll!

It's Made me realise what my patients go through! I didn't appreciate how pain can affect your mood.. But it just grinds you down!

I'm hoping the cause is found soon so I can get back to sewing and baking again but all I've felt like doing when I come home from work is sitting with a hot water bottle on my back.

I'm missing my husband and my wee rascal while I'm here.. But this is her demanding her bottle this evening !

Bye for now
Fi x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A bit cheesy :)

So in an effort to use things from fridge and store cupboard I had spinach and lasagne sheets so a lasagne was on the cards!
Problem was I had no ricotta cheese.. Tried Tesco and they only had one packet left! And it was snowing like mad and already took 3 hours to get home from work( usually takes 30ins)!

A phonecall to our friendly neighbour who works in wholesale sorted the problem and for 4 packets of ricotta for £2 the deal was done!! They were due to
"Go off" in 3 days time so they were reduced to 50p each.. Bargain!!

I then invited neighbours for tea and got on with whipping up the lasagne!

It was super easy and thought I'd share it with you all!

What you'll need

Lasagne sheets
Tomato Pasta sauce
500g ricotta cheese
An egg
100g chopped mushroom
Wee bit of butter
Some grated mozzarella for the top
A grating of nutmeg
About 30g paramesan
About 20g pine nuts

Sauté mushrooms in butter then add spinach to welt for several minutes

In separate bowl mix egg, most of Parmesan, and ricotta and pine nuts

Add spinach and mushroom into

Begin layering by starting with some pasta sauce, then lasagne sheets(I used 3 together per layer but what ever your dish will allow)

Then layer on spinach mixture then a wee bitta pasta sauce then another layer of lasagne sheets and just keep layering until u have no mixture left..
Put on layer of pasta sauce on top sprinkle with mozzarella and rest of the paramesan.. Grated nutmeg to finish the topping and put in oven at 180 deg fan oven for about 45 mins

I served it with sweet potato fries.. Made by chopping up an unpeeled sweet potato.. Coating with cornflour(makes them crispy rather than soggy) and put in deep fat fryer until golden

Guess what's on leftover lunch today... Unmmm


Fi. X

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Snow joke

We're got some white stuff here and made 2 wee snowman!

I've manged to get around to making my blocks for hipbees and due to work and illness have found the time now!! I'm very sorry to all that haven't received them but photos are on Flickr now and they're ready to be posted on Monday!!

I'm very proud of these as I took the time to do them and I've learnt a lot from doing them! The wonky star block seemed simple at the outset but when I started to make the wee star it all went wrong but I was able to salvage it and make a lovely block!

Collette asked for D9P and although she didn't want it symmetrical that's how it turned out! And Catherine wanted a hst block and this took a lot of time and patience and I have been feeling a bit stressed recently but doing this block was very therapeutic and has got my creative juices flowing again when I was thinking of hanging up the boots so to speak! I really have to say thank you so much to di@ willowbeck for her encouragement and thanks to all the hipbees for being patient!!

I've changed the name of my blog slightly to 'sew thrifty fi' as that's what I've become in recent months! We're making meal planners... Using left overs and trying not to call on local takeaways for dinner!! So far we're doing well! This week we've tried out 2 new recipes and this includes a 'minced garlic and brown sugar slow cooker chicken' and a lasagne made the usual way but instead of bethamel sauce you use cottage cheese! Last night we used left over chilli from freezer and an old tikka masala from freezer to make up burritos and they were yummy!,..

I am ok with my toddler watching tv but I don't want her to get to her 30's and only discover her creative streak then (like her mummy) so this is her playing with play dough!

Now I need a sewing project... Anyone any ideas??

bye for now

Keep warm in that cold weather

Fi x