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Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Busy bee

Today I eventually got round to making June's hipbees block.. And yes.. I am 2 months behind!! I've been trying to get time to sit at the machine and do these but with everything else life got in the way

Today I went to work this morning, made buns with baby bear in afternoon, made dinner, went for a cycle (I'm getting good at it-- I mean i go instead if sitting on sofa.. 4.42miles this evening) then came home and went to mr pfaff for a long awaited date!! Absence does make the Heart grow fonder and I'm gonna get to julys block tomorrow night!!

Night all

I'm tired after my busy day


  1. Looks great! L is getting big! Jxo

  2. cakes good? are there any left to share?... sometimes the life that gets in the way is soooooooooooooooo worth it xx

  3. The block looks great! Your little princess is gorgeous and she looks to be having a lot of fun with those cakes :)

  4. Great block and yummmy cake!!!!

  5. Hi Fi,

    If you haven't already, would you like to join in an Irish pincushion swap? We'd love to have you! Please just pop over here and join in:

    Hope you do!