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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Overnight stay!!

After 6 months of back pain I was admitted to hospital this afternoon! 4 hr wait, 1.5hr wait after that on pain relief and a further 3 hour wait on a bed! Now tucked up waiting for investigations tomorrow!

Pain really drains u! Makes u feel fatigued and grumpy and my poor husband has had to take the toll!

It's Made me realise what my patients go through! I didn't appreciate how pain can affect your mood.. But it just grinds you down!

I'm hoping the cause is found soon so I can get back to sewing and baking again but all I've felt like doing when I come home from work is sitting with a hot water bottle on my back.

I'm missing my husband and my wee rascal while I'm here.. But this is her demanding her bottle this evening !

Bye for now
Fi x


  1. I hope you are feeling lots better soon, pain really is tiring!

  2. Sorry to hear you have been suffering pain. It is indeed massively debilitating, but I hope they can find the cause with their investigations tomorrow and get you sorted with an appropriate treatment that will help really soon. Rest well.

  3. Aw Fi, so sorry to hear you are poorly and in pain. I hope you get some relief really soon. Jxo

  4. So sorry to hear that your pain is worse. Chronic pain is draining. I hope that the cause is found. Di x

  5. Chronic pain sucks! I hope they sort you out quickly and get you home to your family :)

  6. oh no poor you.... fingers crossed you will be on the mend soon xx

  7. Hope it all gets sorted soon and you can be pain free