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Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Happy land

Happy land is a selection of toys for early learning centre but to me it's what it means to have the family and friends I have in my life and what they mean to me! I went to Bed last night thinking the only thing I wished for in the morning is all in my life at the moment! And guess what I woke up and that's what I got! I guess thats 'happyland'!im not looking for someone or something to make things 'right'.. Its great!

This was the wee face we woke up to. I know she's a wee miracle. I will always cherish and remember how she was so wanted. and to put it as she does-- she's a 'wee dote'!! ( yes that's what she says)!

I hope u all had a special day


  1. So cute! Hope you've all had a wonderful day! Jxo

  2. She sure is a 'wee dote'! Looks like you had a great day. Di x

  3. oh she is the cutest wee thing ever!! looks like fun! x