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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The search is complete

For 5 years I have been searching antiques markets, charity shops, high street stores (less so) for a old oak farmhouse table for my kitchen.. I wanted a table that could be abused by family life and got better with age (just like me ;) ) I found it and it is proudly in our kitchen.. A fraction of the price of a new shiny table that I wouldn't have wanted.. I got it on gumtree and the person that had bought it had used it for several years and got it in a local auction house.

I have had problems logging onto blogger and was on hols last week so didn't get to reply to last blog posts but I will

Hopefully will get some more free time soon to get back doing some more sewing but for now ... 'the great British bake off'... Scones anyone?? ... Xx


  1. Woo Hoo! Isn't it great to get what you really want, especially after such a long search. It looks like a lovely table and the chairs are a nice shape too. Di x

  2. Gorgeous table Fi! Patience paid off! Jxo

  3. oh i love your table awesome!!!! and lovely drawing too x

  4. Count me in (for scones, that is!) Love the new table!!

  5. Just catching up on your blogs. Love the table. You didn't have that when Marion and I came round to visit after your surgery, did you?