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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Sewing day.. Yippee

Ok, thursday evening is my sewing evening where I go and meet up with all my sewing friend in the fabulous Judith's sewing class! Tonight I made a top for a new quilt I'm making, that started life as a set of table mats but thought a quilt would be more useful!

I also got to use my new pin cushion that is attached to elastic and goes round my arm.. It works delightfully and I think it's going to be a useful make!!! In next few days, weeks I'm on the "hamster wheel" of life.. That is work sleep, eat and prob won't get much sewing done!!! oh well!! Bye for now... Fi x


  1. You creative genius you! Only you could turn placemats into a quilt! Stunning! Jxo

  2. What a feast that huge placemat could hold!! Your quilt is going to be lovely. Welcome to blogging Fiona. (Judith signposted me, we met at one of her earlier classes but I haven't been there lately. May see you at the next class.) Glad you've been bitten by the creative bug. Happy stitching.

  3. Hi Fi. I've just popped over from Judith's blog. Welcome to blog land. It is great fun and you meet a great bunch of people.

    1. Thanks for calling over.. Will come over and visit u!! Very excited about my new venture x

  4. Helllloooooo - great idea for a pin cushion round your wrist on elastic - I should do that with my wallet (got to the till at Sainsburys today to find I had no purse with me!). What a strange start to a bloggy comment, hello I'm Tanya (that's more conventional), I popped over from jude's blog - you lucky thing being able to go to her classes. I am your newest follower. Welcome to blog land (It's addictive) x