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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My humble creations sew far...

A wee selection I'm hoping to add to.. The first and must important creation is my daughter!!


  1. Gorgeous pics! Can you do us seasoned bloggers a favour and switch off Word Verification (it means we don't have to type in security gobbledy gook after each comment)! Also, make sure you have your email address in your settings so that when you leave comments on say, my blog(!), I can reply directly to you via email. Otherwise you show up as a 'no reply comment' blogger and folks can't say thank you for your comment. It's always good manners to reply to folks who comment on your blog! Jxo

  2. I love my clutch! :P
    BTW did you draw that picture of Lucy?!! Its amazing xx

  3. Hi Fi! popped over from Judith's blog and am now following you! Feel free to head over and check mine out for ideas too if you get time! Love all the makes you have shared so far and I am glad to meet a fellow quilter! x