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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Wonky stuff

Affter a bleaching our house to ensure vomiting bug does not return I have made my way through the study/ironing/sewing room (and the pile of ironing--- a pink job-- as my husband calls it!!) to my lovely friend ... Pfaff 2042 to reacquaint myself with its trot/canter/gallop just like a workhorse!! I've started working on my wonky star cushion as I've missed a few of Judith's classes and need to catch up!! I think I'm very good as wonky things as I tend to through things together a bit.. So I'm enjoying this project!! Have to do sashes around the edges and quilt it but I love it already . Might make some more of them for the living room as have more fabric left over!!

Bye for now


  1. Lovely wonks on your stars - that tartan is so beautiful. I hope there are plenty of jobs on the blue list too!

  2. Great bit of wonk there! Missed you last week! Jxo

  3. Great stars, love the contrast. Well done.

  4. Thanks terri!! I just love this tartan.. Was a skirt length I got for a bargain!! X

  5. Liking the wonky stars. Di x

    1. Thanks.. I hope u enjoyed the FQR